Happy Feet Footcare Use Professional Products to Make Your Feet Happy

Happy Feet Footcare uses a range of professional podiatry creams, namely products from CCS, Flexitol and Gehwol and complementary samples of cream are often given to patients to try. I also use organic products that are hand made in Scotland by Organica J.  Their herbal foot balm contains natural ingredients which are harvested and then macerated in sunflower oil.  The balm helps, to heal, nourish, moisturise and invigorates when massaged into the feet.  A cream that is suitable for your skin will be recommended in your footcare session.

Other podiatry supplies that you may benefit from to make your feet more comfortable may also be suggested to you. For example, gel digital caps, metatarsal bands or insoles, to help relieve pressure on painful toes or joints.

Happy Feet Footcare can also recommend and show you samples of high quality therapeutic socks - please see the Useful Links page “Therapeutic Socks” for more information. This link also includes information about custom made footwear.

Finally, such products as described can help to maintain the condition of your feet and redistribute any problems caused by pressure but please remember to consider your footwear - the main cause of many foot conditions are shoes that do not fit correctly. For further information about shoe fitting, please see the Useful Links page “The Society of Shoe Fitters”.