Verrucas are caused by a viral infection –the Human Papilloma Virus 2 – no treatment is 100% effective for veruccas – we cannot cure viruses so they are best left for our body’s immune system to heal it naturally. 

A verruca is basically a wart, but unlike a raised wart growth on your hand, a verucca on your foot can become painful upon weight bearing when it protrudes into the skin. 

If the verruca is hurting, there are lots of medical treatments available including home remedies like using the inside of a banana skin and even applying duct tape – some can be effective and others not so effective. Debriding the area of callus that forms over the verucca can help alleviate pressure and make it easier to apply treatment to the affected area.   If the verucca is painless there is no need to treat it – your body’s immune system will heal it. 

Care must be taken using any over the counter medication as these products contain salicylic acid that can harm the surrounding skin.  If you are diabetic or suffer any circulation problems, these products must not be used.   

Verrucas can often be misdiagnosed or mistaken for a hard corn.  A verruca can range in size and they can be found either on their own or in clusters.  Sometimes brown or black marks can be seen under the skin and the lesion may have a cauliflower like appearance.  Under magnification, the dermal lines on your skin can be seen to run around the verruca, whereas in a hard corn the dermal lines go over the lesion.  Verrucas can also be painful when the skin around them is squeezed.





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